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Sinead awakens to the news that Daniel is missing. Daniel is found next to the canal by a dog walker, having lain there all night. Sinead is full of venom for Daniel, encouraged by Beth. Adam takes a phone call at No.1. Sinead begins recording videos for Bertie when he's older. In the first one, she tells her son that she's sorry for not being there for him in person and to know that she'll be there in spirit. Tracy interrupts to inform her that Daniel has turned up and is in a bad way. Tracy demands that she help stop him from going on a self-destruct mission once she's gone. Sinead sends for him. When he gets there, Sinead extracts a promise from him never to abandon Bertie after she's gone. Chesney goes to see Sinead but decides against it just as he's about to ring the buzzer to the flat. Daniel is shocked when Sinead forgives him. She explains that, if she hadn't been ill, she'd have thrown him out and they'd have reconciled once the dust settled, but she doesn't have time for all that. For Bertie's sake and to avoid arguments on her deathbed, she has to forgive him now and he must also forgive himself. Daniel cries by her side.


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  • This half-hour episode was added to the schedule due to Coronation Street being displaced from its regular slots on Friday 11th October and Monday 14th October. It was broadcast at 8.30pm.
  • This episode was shot in a higher frame rate than usual in order to give the world of Weatherfield a slightly different look as Sinead Osbourne nears death. The break from convention was explained by producer Iain MacLeod thusly: "The idea was to give that slightly surreal feeling that I think most people might relate to – when something as cataclysmic as that happens, the whole world seems to look different." [1].
  • The episode focuses entirely on Sinead's cancer storyline, with the majority of the runtime taking place in Sinead and Daniel's bedroom. The scene in the middle of the episode where Sinead records a video for Bertie includes an eight-minute monologue by Sinead, with no other characters in the room.
  • Bethany Platt appears only in a brief cutaway to 2a Coronation Street during a scene between Sinead and Daniel at 15a Coronation Street, with Sinead's line continuing over the top of the shot. As such, Bethany does not have any dialogue in the episode.
  • The man who finds Daniel by the canal is uncredited, despite having lines of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Sinead records some messages for Bertie; Tracy intervenes to reconcile the Osbournes; and an emotional Daniel returns to face the music.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,240,000 viewers (17th place).

Notable dialogue

Sinead Osbourne: "Hello Bertie... I'm so, so sorry I can't be there with you in person. But know this, I love you very very much. I do, y'know. Lots and lots like jelly tots. I know I'm not gonna be there for you. Your first birthday, your 18th, your 21st and your engagement, your wedding, whatever. Your first day at school. Ey, I won't get to meet your first girlfriend or boyfriend. And I know, I know that's really rubbish. But I want you to know that I'll be there in spirit. I will. I know you can't see me, see this, but I'm there. I am. Just look around you. I'm there in the sun that pops up from behind a cloud. I'm the sound of the rain on the window. I'm the crackle in roaring fire in a country pub. I'm that bus that comes early when there wasn't one due."

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