David is questioned by police about Josh's stabbing. David claims he didn't go near Josh during the riot and the hairdressing scissors used to stab him were accessible to anyone. Imran, representing David, convinces the governor to let Shona visit him. Audrey checks on Bethany and finds she's been crying. Bethany tells her why. She's consumed with guilt. Daniel feels similarly when Sinead forgives him for his tantrum yesterday as he's carrying such a heavy burden. Bethany can't find her notebook. Audrey thinks Daniel took advantage of Bethany. Bethany insists he was confused and it's her fault; she let it happen because she loves Daniel. If anyone took advantage, it was her. Too weak to leave the shop flat, Sinead reaches out of the window to feel the rain. Daniel goes to face Ken. Ken is horrified when Daniel explains his plan to come clean to Sinead, as they promised there would be no more lies. Ken doesn't think Sinead is fit enough to deal with it and tells him that the guilt is his burden to bear. Sinead decides to move into a hospice as looking after her and Bertie is too much for Daniel. Shona visits David and gets his version of events. It's clear she doesn't believe a word. David swears he wouldn't lie about this. Sinead looks for her notebook to make a list of things to take to the hospice and finds Bethany's notebook. She reads one of her short stories and realises it's all about Bethany's feelings for Daniel. Daniel dismisses it as fiction. Max receives a video on his phone of the prison riot showing Josh collapsing from his stab wound and David right behind him. Sinead decides to ask Bethany what's going on between her and Daniel. She begs for honesty. Daniel is forced to admit that they kissed.


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  • This episode was shot in a higher frame rate than usual in order to give the world of Weatherfield a slightly different look as Sinead Osbourne nears death. The break from convention was explained by producer Iain MacLeod thusly: "The idea was to give that slightly surreal feeling that I think most people might relate to – when something as cataclysmic as that happens, the whole world seems to look different." [1].
  • Josh Tucker (Ryan Clayton) appears in the video on Max Turner's phone, but not anywhere else in the episode. He is not credited.
  • The radio news reader at the beginning of the episode is also uncredited.
  • Kate Waters was credited as the Fight Arranger on this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: Bethany admits her true feelings to Audrey; Sinead confronts Daniel about her discovery; and David promises Shona that he did not attack Josh.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,026,784 viewers (8th place).
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