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David is left on his own with Josh. Max decides to choose to live with David and Shona over Marion. David tries to get Josh to admit that he's inside because he committed another rape. Josh doesn't think David will harm him and denies ever raping him. David counters that he could let one of the other prisoners kill him. Sinead doesn't let her argument with Daniel spoil her day. Bethany finds Daniel beating himself up by the ginnel. Josh attacks David while his back is turned and tries to grab the scissors off him. David manages to gain the upper hand just as Abe and Tez arrive. They want to know why Josh is still alive and begin thumping him. Daniel hates himself for second-guessing Sinead and making the day about him. He feels worse when Bethany defends him. Max tells Marion that he doesn't want to live with her. Marion says she'll always be there for him. Daniel surprises Bethany by kissing her. Bethany has started to reciprocate when they're caught by Ken. He assumes that the pair are having an affair and orders Daniel to go home to his dying wife. David has a badly-beaten Josh dragged out of his cell, purportedly to push him down the stairs. However, he then helps Josh fight his way out of the crowd and they barricade themselves in the medical room until the riot is over. Shona sees a report about the riot on the news. David maintains that he saved Josh's life because he he wants to see him answer for what he did to him in a court of law. Daniel returns to Sinead. Josh appears to weaken and admits that he did rape David. He then starts to goad his victim, knowing that he'll never be able to prove his guilt. Daniel is haunted by his betrayal. David rings Shona from prison after the riot is over, informing her that Josh is a prisoner and has been stabbed and he needs a lawyer fast.


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  • This episode was shot in a higher frame rate than usual in order to give the world of Weatherfield a slightly different look as Sinead Osbourne nears death. The break from convention was explained by producer Iain MacLeod thusly: "The idea was to give that slightly surreal feeling that I think most people might relate to – when something as cataclysmic as that happens, the whole world seems to look different." [1].
  • The main entrance to MediaCity studios doubled as the exterior of Highfield Prison which is seen in a TV news report. Aside from the usual studio sets used to represent the interior of the prison, further scenes of the riot were shot on the main landing of the former HM Prison Shrewsbury which closed in March 2013.
  • The reporter heard in the news report and a prison officer are uncredited despite having lines of dialogue.
  • Andy Merchant was credited as the Stunt Coordinator on this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: David insists on punishing Josh himself; Daniel seeks solace in Bethany's arms; and Max makes a sincere apology to a relieved Shona.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,755,269 viewers (10th place).
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