The Sutherlands and Barlows prepare Sinead's Christmas surprise. Tracy cooks a turkey while Kirk, dressed as Santa Claus, sets off a snow machine outside the shop flat. Max goes home for a visit. An unsuspecting Daniel emerges onto the snow-covered cobbles. He takes the Sutherlands to task for their thoughtlessness, noting that Sinead needs rest. Shona apologises to Max for accusing him. Max doesn't want Marion to seperate him from his family. Abe lets David know when the riot is due to kick off. Sinead sees the Christmas scene from the window and ventures outside. She's grateful for the effort everyone has gone to and insists that Christmas dinner will go ahead, annoying Daniel. Beth gets Bethany to give Sinead a makeover for the occasion. Abe gives David a pair of hairdressing scissors for him to stab Josh. Adam chairs a meeting between Marion, Sarah and Shona in the hope that they can resolve their argument without an expensive custody battle. Marion drags up Sarah and Shona's pasts and indicates that she intends to play dirty. Sarah lets her know that Max came round and suggests that he's not so keen to stay with her. They end up getting nowhere. David returns the scissors to Abe, not wanting to do anything to jeopardize his release from prison. As the Osbournes, Sutherlands and Barlows eat Christmas dinner, Daniel is wound up by the falseness of it all. Noting Sinead's tiredness, he makes repeated suggestions that she's had enough. Sinead reminds him not to make decisions for her and stympies his attempts to confine her to bed. When Daniel asks her to consider his feelings, Sinead orders him out of the flat. The prisoners start to riot. David waits in his cell, where Abe delivers Josh to him. David takes the scissors back from Abe as he considers what to do with his former tormentor.


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