Hilda tries desperately to find out what's happening between Elsie and Alan. Elsie tells Val she can't stand being let down again. Val tells her she thinks she's wrong. Judd Johnson and Frank Bradley threaten to tell Emily that Ray set them up to nick the camera unless he goes in with them on one job - doing over an electrical shop on the corner of Mawdsley Street. They give him until dinnertime for an answer. Val refuses to tell Hilda about Alan and Elsie. Cyril gets a job as a clerk in a solicitor's office, with a flat as part of the job. Maggie is sorry that she's going to be on her own again. Emily tells Ray she's calling in the police if she doesn't get the camera back. Len suspects something is wrong. His hand forced, Ray agrees to help on the job if they give the camera back and Judd lets slip it's still in their possession. Elsie tries to contact Alan and finding out about her enquiries to trace him, he turns up unannounced at No.11. Elsie tells him that she loves him. They are happily reconciled although the residents try to frustrate Hilda's attempts to find out what's happening. Irma and Bet talk about getting a flat together. Len tries to find out from Emily what is wrong with Ray. Betty tells Maggie she'll get used to being on her own. To stop the gossips, Elsie announces that she and Alan are back together again. The news depresses Len. Ray returns the camera to Emily and tells her that he's moving on.


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Elsie Tanner: "What pride have I got left? I've tottered up and down this street in three inch heels for the last twenty years. And for what? To catch meself a fellah, and everybody knows about it."

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