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Everyone is shocked at the prognosis. Sinead feels she's ruined the party but Ken assures her that his only concern is for her and Daniel. The young couple leave with Bertie. The other members of the party return into the Rovers to champagne and a chorus of For He's a Jolly Good Fellow from all the neighbours gathered there but their happy spirits are instantly dampened when Ken announces what's occurred. Martine is interested when Kevin mentions the money he's inherited but he's not taken in by her sudden flirting with him. Abe thanks David for helping him but he refuses the offer of using the phone himself as he's too near to his release date to risk it. Martine pushes Kevin for a second date and he grudgingly promises to be in touch but tells Sophie, Paula and Abi that she's a gold digger and he's not interested. Sophie announces her and Paula's plans. Ken laments the way life has turned out for Sinead as her family and friends struggle to take in her news. Sean, Liz and Eileen agree to bury the hatchet, realising that life is precious. Sophie is stunned when Paula tells her that she's not going with her and only pushed her into it to give her the freedom and experiences she obviously craves. Sophie cries, thinking she's been dumped in everything but name. In Victoria Gardens, Daniel and Sinead reminisce about their first wedding. She finds comfort in the thought that Bertie has Daniel for a father. Sally makes Sophie see that Paula has sacrificed her happiness for her. Daniel is impatient with Chesney's tears when he calls round and orders him to get a grip and be strong. Shona decides to replan her wedding as soon as David is released. Max comes home from a friend's house but smiles to himself when he receives a text from someone called "M". Sophie leaves for the flight to Cambodia in a taxi, having said goodbye to Paula and her family. Having overheard what Daniel said to Chesney, Sinead tells him that tears aren't weakness and she needs to know that he won't be coping on his own. She assures him that Bertie will be fine with him as a dad.


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Ken Barlow: "I'm ashamed to admit that I disapproved when Sinead and Daniel got together. I thought she'd hold him back. I couldn't be more wrong. She is the best thing that ever happened to him. She loves him with all her heart. I still can't believe it. Her time on this earth has already been cut brutally short. She was determined to grab what life was left for her, spend as much time as she could with her family. I don't know how they'll carry on without her. I feel so guilty having lived to this ripe old age. Sinead won't even make it to thirty. All the plans she's made, all those dreams she'd dreamed. We must try not to lose sight of what matters most: friends, those who know us inside out, but love us all the same. Everyone says that time is a great healer but it's not. You just learn to live with the new normal. It doesn't stop you hurting. It doesn't stop you yearning for the one you love. How terrible to think that Bertie will never know his mother. Never know her... Daniel will do his best to keep her memory alive but... What good is memories to a child? We'll be there for Daniel but... we won't be enough. She is the one he'll be wanting. (Sobs) Hers is the face he'll be missing."

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