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Rita, Audrey and Claudia serenade Ken on his doorstep on his eightieth birthday. Daniel and Sinead attend a consultation with Mr Merchant where they are told that the hospital are not proceeding with any more chemo treatment for her as the cancer is not responding. It will be unsafe and the quality of her life in the final few weeks left to her will be too poor. They are only able to offer her pain relief as there are now no further options. The couple struggle to take in the devastating news. Sarah hands Shona a gas bill that's just been delivered, oblivious to her look of disappointment when she's told what it is. Abi finds out about Kevin's inheritance and arranges to meet him for lunch at the bistro to celebrate. Sarah visits David and tells him that Max is taking his medication and behaving better. David's livid when he realises that everyone forgot Shona's birthday yesterday and Sarah promises to make it up to her. He sees fellow inmate Abe Crowley being slipped a mobile phone from his gran. Abe isn't happy to have been spotted. Daniel and Sinead return to the flat, still stunned by the news. Daniel tells Sinead about a surprise party that Beth's arranged, several months in advance, for Bertie's first birthday which is to be held alongside that for his grandfather in the Rovers' back yard. She's determined to sacrifice some of the little time they have together to attend. After hearing what Debbie said, Paula asks Kevin if Sophie is happy on her course or has a wanderlust about her. Martine Skelton turns up at the bistro, tracked down by Abi to take her place at the meal with Kevin. She apologises for standing him up last time. Ali watches jealousy as Gary helps Maria, Faye and Jake in Victoria Gardens. Kevin finds Martine too full-on and is more interested in Abi who is watching them from the bar. Paula suggests that she and Sophie travel round Asia for a few months. Sarah buys Shona flowers and they prepare to go out on the town. The regulars toast Ken as he arrives in the Rovers. Norris is a surprise guest with a video call set up by him from Emily in Edinburgh. Daniel and Sinead arrive at the party. Abe is almost caught with the mobile phone but David sets up a distraction in order that he can pass it on before he is searched. Sinead breaks down at the sight of the small family party and gives the news to the gathering that she now only has weeks to live.


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