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Neither Paul nor Kel will speak initially but under pressure from the others, Kel claims he made a homophobic joke and in a tussle he slipped and banged his head. Paul is made to shake Kel's proffered hand. Kel asks for a moment alone with him and tells him that one word from the police to him and he will be back in prison for assault. Sophie is delighted to see her aunt Debbie who tells them she's turned up because she has bad news for them. Dev realises his credit card is missing. Asha sets off on her date even though Dev still isn't happy about the fact. Ryan and Ali bemoan Michelle's attitude towards their girlfriends. Asha meets Corey at Speed Daal. She's happy when he says he really likes her. Debbie's news is that their difficult and awkward Aunty Vi has died at the age of ninety-seven. A will is to be read after the funeral. Summer sees Paul heading for the tram station with a packed bag and stops him, asking him to talk to Billy before he goes. Corey accidentally knocks Asha's arm, causing it to bleed. She hides it but calls a sudden end to the date. Gary collects Jake from Maria. Sarah sees the two of them chatting happily together. Summer makes Paul return to the flat. Ryan summons Robert to the Rovers to discuss ways in which they can get Michelle to get on with Alya and Maria. He suggests a meal together at the flat that the lads will cook. Debbie tells an astonished Kevin that Aunty Vi has left her £200,000 in her will. Corey follows Asha back to No.7 but she refuses to confirm if she'll see him again. Getting her house keys out of her pocket, she drops her dad's credit card on the pavement. Mary spots it. Kevin is further astonished when Debbie tells him that she's giving him all of the bequest. Paul tells Billy what happened at the hospital and that he's he determined to leave for good. Kevin agrees to think about Debbie's offer. Handed the card by Mary, Dev demands to know why Asha stole from him and tells her that she's grounded indefinitely. Billy refuses to let Paul leave, telling him that he's done nothing wrong. Paul cries racked sobs on his shoulder as Billy begs him to let him help.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Kel tells him (sic) Paul that if he breathes a word about their relationship, he will tell the police the truth,; and Debbie tells Kevin that Auntie Vi has died.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,020,660 viewers (14th place).
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