Ryan learns his lesson and promises to get Gary's money today. Gary lets him go and threatens him if he breathes a word of what just happened. James fails to convince Michael that he's got it wrong and admits that he's gay. Michael is not surprised and tells his brother that he loves him. Hope proves to be less able at maths. Michael discovers that Aggie has known about James's sexuality since he was little. Dee-Dee knows too but Ed doesn't - Aggie thinks he should be told now that Michael has. Dev hopes that Weatherfield High's upcoming production of Bugsy Malone will bring Asha out of her shell. Asha is dead against auditioning. James doesn't want Ed to know about his sexuality, recounting an occasion where he laughed along with jokes about gays. Aggie asks if he'd rather Ed found out when he gets famous and is photographed with his boyfriend. Shona drags Max to Highfield Prison for a telling off from David. Max lies to his dad that he's been well behaved and Shona goes along with it when she sees how relieved David is at the news. Ryan sells his laptop to pay Gary off but only gets £200 for it. Amy promises Dev that she'll make sure Asha goes to the auditions. The Baileys and Bethany form a team at the Rovers quiz night and come first. Ed embarrasses James by telling him to hold onto Bethany. Competing with Audrey and Claudia, Evelyn doesn't answer any questions as she's the "writer-down". Cathy joins them wearing a bobble hat, which Evelyn pulls off to reveal her hideous black roots. Gary tells Ryan that as he hasn't paid the full debt, he must do as he says. Fiz decides she isn't cut out to educate Hope when she and Tyrone come last in the quiz. Claudia is quietly seething that half of the Barlows are off to Venice tomorrow while she's stuck in Weatherfield. Ryan explains his injuries by making out that he was mugged and Gary jumped in to save him. On a date with Izzy, Derek realises that Gary gave Ryan the bruises. Gary meets him outside the Rovers and demands that he stay away from Izzy or the same thing will happen to him. As they talk, they're photographed by Adam's private detective, who has been following Gary and has photos of him beating Ryan up.


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  • TV Times synopsis: James opens up about his secret gay life; and Gary uses Ryan's injuries to send a warning to Derek, making it clear that the same will happen to him if he doesn’t get far away from Izzy.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,562,019 viewers (7th place).
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