The two back away from each other and Daniel confides in Bethany about his row with Sinead. They’re both embarrassed about the spark between them. There are awkward silences over the tea, especially when Emma refuses one of the plentiful ham sandwiches as she’s now a vegetarian and she also doesn’t like cheese. Beth counsels her niece that she’s not giving Daniel a break. Michelle can’t contact Robert who is supposedly in Stoke-on-Trent. Carla can’t understand Ray’s interest in the bistro but advises Michelle to bite his hand off. Sinead brings Bertie into the bistro to apologise to Daniel and to admit her fears that her cancer will return. They apologise to each other but Sinead clocks a look that Bethany and Daniel give each other. Emma leaves the flat as quickly as she can as the McDonalds bicker with each other. When questioned by Sinead, Daniel admits he’s been off-loading on Bethany about their rows and advising her about the article. He assures her that Bethany doesn’t fancy him. A further division is caused between them when she confirms she’s cancelled the registry office as they agreed. Emma tells Audrey she doesn’t want to be rushed into a relationship with Steve, especially knowing his past disastrous history of marriage and philandering. Mary returns her keys to Eileen, having been persuaded to do so by Sean and apologises for being too full-on with her. Feeling guilty, Eileen tells her she can stay. Bethany is unnerved when Sinead asks to meet her in the Rovers after her shift. Michelle tells Ray they have a deal. Emma calls back at the flat to give things another go and questions Steve about his past with Fiona. They start to bond. Sinead meets Bethany and questions her about the look that passed between them. Bethany’s response satisfies Sinead as it matches what Daniel said and she confides in the girl that she didn’t cancel the wedding and Daniel’s going to be surprised with a massive party tomorrow. Bethany offers her congratulations but tries to hide her true feelings at hearing the news.


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