Eileen returns home for some final items and Seb has to confess that Sean deceived him into spilling the beans. She forgives him and they say their goodbyes. Bill refuses to let James into the ground, even though he knows full well who he is. Steve manages to talk him round but the man suddenly spots the urn of ashes and again bars their entry. Emma tearfully tells him the truth behind their visit. Ruby is annoyed when she finds out that Hope will not be going to school. Bill lets the four into the ground after Emma emotionally pleads with him. Beth finds a despondent Sean on the bench and he confesses how lonely he is. Sinead asks Daniel to stop going on about the wedding. He wonders if she can be bothered with the event. Bethany sends him a text asking him to look over the finished article. The ashes scattered, Emma agrees to a suggestion that she goes for a drink with James, Michael and Steve. Eileen arrives with her case at the hospital only to find that Jan has just discharged himself. She narrowly misses him as he leaves in an unmarked police car. Ed and Aggie call at No.9 with treats for the girls, asking questions about the lads who supposedly started the fire. Fiz and Tyrone shamefacedly say they don’t want to pressure Hope. Daniel thinks Bethany’s article is brilliant. She glows under his praise. Emma is uncomfortable when she finds out the County trip was Steve’s idea. Tim is outraged he wasn’t invited along. Eileen returns home in a panic and Sean is forced to confess his part in Jan’s departure, giving her a note from him that he was entrusted with before he left. Steve tells a pleased Emma she’s a credit to John. Behind Tyrone’s back, Fiz makes a surreptitious phone call, saying she’s not found the right time to tell him yet. Eileen tells Sean he’s an arrogant fool and he had no right to interfere. She accuses him of being jealous and selfish and they row. She tells him their friendship is over and throws him out.


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