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Rachel stations herself in Viaduct Street, watching No.11 from her car. Geoff "reluctantly" lets Yasmeen wait on him hand and foot at Speed Daal. Aadi arrives home after spending some time with Vikram and discovers that Asha has cleared his belongings from their bedroom. Asha declares that she doesn't want to share any more. Evelyn's grand plan for Hope is to hold a demo outside Bessie Street School. Tyrone demands she stay away when he meets with the headmistress later to plead Hope's case. Rachel drives off when Seb spots her car. Jan meets Eileen in Victoria Street and presses her to make a decision as he's leaving Manchester today. He gives her the location of a truck stop where he'll wait for her. The twins pressurize Dev to get rid of Mary so that Aadi can have her room. Dev is disappointed that they're so selfish. Maria agrees to join Ali at a charity ball near Alderley Edge. Seb warns Eileen that they're being spied on. Tyrone and Brian see Melinda Calvert, with Evelyn arriving in their wake. Melinda explains that there are no places left to offer Hope. Seb fears Eileen will go off with Jan and fills Liz in on the situation in the hope that she'll talk sense into her. Evelyn accuses Melinda of judging Hope for having been to a reform school and turns on the waterworks. Liz doesn't get anywhere with Eileen. Evelyn resorts to drastic measures and barricades herself, Tyrone and Brian in Melinda's office. Geoff tells Yasmeen he has an appointment at the medical centre today when she asks about his health. Kevin sees the protest when he calls at Bessie Street to speak to Melinda about Jack. Robert disobeys Jed and assures Tyler that he's welcome to stick around when the baby is born. Fiz and Hope arrive home a day early to surprise Tyrone and told where to find him by Kevin. Eileen meets Jan at the truck stop. He's overjoyed until he notices that she hasn't brought baggage; she's only come to say goodbye. Melinda has the police brought in to remove the protestors. Evelyn retaliates by calling the Gazette. Fiz arrives in the midst of the chaos. Having followed Eileen to the truck stop, Rachel takes out a gun and fires a shot at the couple.


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