Evelyn proudly admits to Dev that she's been running a bookies from behind the counter - and he's not getting any of the profits. Spotting the half-price tags dotted around the shop, Dev fires Evelyn on the spot. Asha stows a box underneath her bed when she goes downstairs for lunch. Vicky grows tired of the mixed signals from Robert and accuses him of stringing her along in order to stop her going away with Jed. Robert maintains that it'd hurt Michelle to know the truth. Carla tells Peter she's decided not to work with Jo but has realised that she needs a boyfriend, not a carer. Vicky sneaks out of the house while Robert is changing out of his blood-stained shirt. Finding out from Tyler that she's gone to Weatherfield, Robert realises she plans to tell Michelle about the baby and rushes off to stop her. Emma returns from hospital canteen to find out her dad has passed away. She's stricken by the news. Meanwhile, Audrey tells Liz the identity of Emma's mother. In light of her uncertain paternity, Audrey speculates that Steve could be Emma's real father. Robert stops Vicky before she reaches the bistro and gets rough with her. Vicky is shocked by his manner and backs off. Michelle returns from her training course. Mary fills Dev in about Evelyn discounting her own shopping and barring her. Dev is mainly concerned about Asha's secretive behaviour. Mary vows to get to the bottom of it. Sarah begs Gary not to pull out of the deal. Gary tells her he wasn't being serious earlier. Carla and Peter enjoy being a couple again. Sarah plans to leave Underworld but the staff talk her out of it and persuade her to run the factory along with Nick. Audrey hunts down Emma's application form from the salon to find her date of birth and calculate when she was conceived. She and Liz work out that Fiona had sex with the father before she left Coronation Street in 1998, during the period when she was in a relationship with Steve.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Emma is told that her 'dad' has died, but Audrey tells Liz that Emma's mum is Fiona and that her late father was not her biological dad.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,295,993 viewers (4th place).
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