The man escapes through the back as Kevin breaks down the door but Abi is waiting in the yard and successfully overcomes him. A disgruntled Ali goes to the pub where he is grumpy with Sean. An incredulous Chesney pleads his innocence with Gemma and walks out on her when she doesn’t believe him. The man is led away as the police interview Jack. They are puzzled as to what he was after. Sally texts Tim to say she’s had a sudden windfall. Ali brushes off Maria when she tries to be friendly to him. Paul tells Gemma that her mother is messing with her head and Chesney is telling the truth. Sophie and Paula arrive home to news of the break-in. Sophie suspects that Paula knows something. Tim and Steve arrive at No.4 to find a new hot tub installed in the back garden with Tracy, Sally, Liz and Michael in it. It has been bought with the money earned with Tiny and they refuse to let the men use it. Tracy and Liz announce they're also quitting Street Cars. Kevin and Jack return from giving a statement at the police station, having heard that the man is called Mark Thackeray. Paula gets Sophie out of the way and makes a phone call about the break-in to the police. Abi tells Seb about her encounter with Alina and he’s hurt to think she lied to him about quitting her job. Chesney insists that Bernie moves out of No.5 and she’s forced to admit she took things too far. Gemma realises she has no option but to move back in. Chesney’s pleased but Bernie isn’t. Maria gets Ali to her flat under a pretence to hear a radio request from her to him for Tom Jones’s Doctor Love. They admit their feelings for each other and finally kiss. Having confirmed Thackeray’s identity, Paula tells Kevin and Sophie that he is linked with a property group she’s acting against on behalf of an environmental group and her opponents are targeting her. Steve’s pleased to hear from Tracy that they have access to Sally’s garden and hot tub at any time. She demands to know why Robert covered for him and hears that he saw him with Vicky. Tracy’s pleased to hear the revelation and that Michelle would be unhappy if she knew. Jan tries to scotch Eileen’s suggestion to Seb that he goes and sees Alina. Kevin and Sophie are angry that Paula led Thackeray to their house and didn't tell the truth about the danger. Sophie coldly agrees with her suggestion that she moves out.


Regular cast

Guest cast



  • The actors playing a policeman and a radio presenter are uncredited although they have lines of dialogue.
  • Kate Waters was credited as the Fight Arranger on this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: Paula's confession angers Kevin and Sophie; and Seb realises that Alina lied to avoid him.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,455,537 viewers (3rd place).
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