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As his court date approaches, David is confident that he'll avoid prison. Shona isn't so sure. Roy returns from Carlisle with the news that Carla is a little better. Sarah hands the bag with the passports that Rick took over to Gary. Geoff scares Yasmeen off the idea of returning to work by suggesting that her mugger could be there. Yasmeen is grateful to have him as her protector. Maria suggests that David demonstrate to Shona that she has nothing to worry about. David criticises Maria's dated music playlist at the barbers. Gary returns one of the passports to its owner, Carl, only to be asked for another loan. Gary gives him £900 from Rick's safe at no interest. Yasmeen gets fed up sitting inside No.6 doing jigsaws and heads for the door but steps back when Geoff lays on a guilt trip. David surprises Shona by suggesting they set the date for August as one of the venues they were considering has had a cancellation. She's overjoyed. Maria feels ancient when Bethany and Emma go on a night out and don't think to invite her. Steve outlines his brilliant idea to Tim: dressing Tiny up as a unicorn and hire him out for children's parties. Tim refuses point blank. Feeling sorry for Maria, Gail suggests a girly night in at the salon flat with Audrey. Maria surprises herself by accepting. Geoff panics when he returns home to an empty house. A teenage girl catches Gary at Rick's office and asks where her dad is. Gary discovers she's Rick's daughter and she's come looking for him after he failed to pick her up from school. Making out he's a customer of Rick's, Gary leaves the girl there. Undeterred, Steve buys card, glitter and glue to make a unicorn horn for Tiny. Geoff finds Yasmeen outside Street Cars where he hears that her attacker has been caught after mugging two other women and confessed to everything. Gail puts a dampener on David and Shona's news by pointing out that he could be behind bars by August. Ike Rodgers, a mate of Carl's, rings Gary asking for money. Gary turns him down. Craig runs a self-defence class at Victoria Gardens. Geoff, Yasmeen, Brian and Cathy attend. Geoff is dismissive of Craig's techniques, noting that he used to box. He goes up to show off his prowess but Craig easily overpowers him. At the salon flat, Maria insists that David and Nick are forbidden topics. The women end up bored stiff as they have nothing to talk about. A humiliated Geoff maintains that he was just playing along with Craig. Upon further consideration, Gary rings Ike back and asks to see him at Rick's office. Gail abandons Maria and Audrey to make up with David, while Audrey falls asleep on the sofa. Alya brings Ryan and two of his DJ mates back to No.6 late at night. Yasmeen joins them for a beer and lets her hair down. Gail babysits so that she has an excuse not to go back to Maria's. Geoff is unimpressed to find Yasmeen enjoying herself with the lads. Gary loans Ike £600, with £200 interest, and confiscates his passport, adding that he's free to give his number out. A gloved intruder at No.6 steals a box of precious jewellery from behind a sleeping Alya in the living room.


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