Ivan hears that there will be jobs going shortly at his friend's factory in Canada. Linda thinks it's all happening too quickly and tears up the forms Ivan collected from the emigration offices. Annie throws herself into redecoration plans. She keeps making Jack get out of bed to fetch things for her, to his dismay. Linda decides to move to Canada for Ivan and Paul. Dennis keeps Rupert in the back room but the monkey escapes during the night. The Walkers are woken up by the sound of glasses smashing in the bar. Jack goes down to confront the intruder, armed with Annie's hairbrush, and finds Rupert in Ena's chair knocking back a bottle of spirits. Rupert scampers when the Walkers see him and goes back to No.11. Annie and Jack are left to wonder where the monkey came from and claim for over £4 worth of damage on their insurance. Dennis sees the Cheveskis' emigration papers and agrees not to tell Elsie. Concepta lets slip to the Walkers that Dennis is keeping a monkey. Ena doesn't believe Minnie's story about a monkey in her chair and thinks her recent knock on the head made her doolally. Annie horrifies the regulars with her plan to turn the Rovers into a cocktail bar. Len swears to stop coming in if the transformation goes ahead.


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  • The scene of Annie and Jack finding Rupert in the snug is accompanied by comical incidental music. Although Jack tells Annie that Rupert is sitting in Ena's chair, the monkey has vacated the chair by the time Arthur Leslie delivers the line.
  • TV Times synopsis: While Dennis discovers that his guest is missing, an intruder breaks into the Rovers. Linda and Ivan come to an important decision, but Dennis still has some damage to repair.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,146,000 homes (2nd place).

Notable dialogue

Ivan Cheveski: "I can't see any future here - not for us. There's no room, too many people - too little space. I can see us old already, in this Street."


Jack Walker: "There's a monkey in't snug!"
Annie Walker: "Oh, yes, of course. I suppose there's an elephant in the select, isn't there?!"

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