Audrey gives the key to No.3 to Minnie to give to Dickie in case he comes back. Ernie smarts over Annie's insult. Jack gets round him by saying that they will give a donation to a charity of his choice if he does play and he knows that Annie will be forced to ask eventually. The residents gather for the party in the Rovers Select and Annie makes Lucille display her presents properly. She is also finally forced to ask Ernie to play when the party lacks sparkle. Sandra lays on a romantic meal for Ray at No.11. Minnie gets upset, remembering Martha Longhurst's death six years ago. Lucille, Len, Irma, Dave and Bernard find the party dull and slip away to have a private bash in the salon with booze and girls laid on by Dave. Annie is furious at Lucille's behaviour. Audrey slips away from the party and leaves the Street for Preston. Sandra uses the meal as the occasion to tell Ray that she's finished with him, knowing that he doesn't love her. Lucille returns to the Rovers and makes a speech thanking Annie and Jack for all they've done for her. Annie is touched. Irma agrees to a date with Dave with a dog racing track as the venue. Bernard isn't happy at the arrangement.


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Ray Langton (to Sandra Butler): "This might not get into a book of records but for what it’s worth, kid, you’re the first bird ever to give me the brush-off - the first."

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