Tim recalls the trauma of losing his childhood dog Mr Biscuits because Geoff couldn't be bothered to walk him. Ken seeks refuge at the Rovers as he can't hear his documentary with all the banging from No.3. Tim accuses Geoff of getting rid of Tiny, causing Sally to confess that she sold the horse. Planning an intimate meal with David, Natalie goes shopping for supplies at Freshco. Tracy is her cab driver and vaguely recognises her. Sally defends her decision to sell Tiny as no one was willing to fork out for the vet's bill. Tim is devastated, saying Tiny is more than a horse to him. David realises his phone is missing. Sarah crows to Adam that she's got a hotshot lawyer who'll run rings round him and calls him dishonest and mean. She's mortified when Adam reveals that he's decided not to represent Nick after all and rang Peter to see if Carla will agree to her officially running the factory. Natalie is shocked to answer her door to Leanne. Tracy remembers where she knows Natalie from and tells David that she gave her a lift. David pays her £15 for Natalie's address. Leanne does her best to turn Natalie over to Nick's side, reminding her that David led her on. Chesney believes he and Gemma will cope if they cut their outgoings down to the essentials, though Gemma's list includes £10 a week on magazines and £5 on Curly Wurlys. Abi drags Tim out of the Rovers where he finds a horsebox waiting for him with Tiny inside; Sally has bought him back. Tim is overjoyed. Sarah makes up with Adam, while Tim apologises to Geoff. Leanne fails to win Natalie over but convinces her to leave the country straight away. She hates herself for using dirty tactics to get Nick off the hook. David and Shona arrive at her lodgings and find an empty flat; they're too late.


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