Leanne pulls out of the Platts' holiday because of Nick's lies. Paula has to cancel an important dinner party after her house is broken into. Sally offers to hold it at No.4. The police search the barbers while Nick and David are away. Sally shows Gary the ropes at the makeshift factory. Gary is stunned to find an envelope left for him containing his passport. The Platts settle into their lodge. Gail hears a rumour that TV presenter Lorraine Kelly is staying at the holiday park and wears her best outfit in case she bumps into her. Shona remains frosty towards David. Audrey believes Sarah is missing Gary and urges her to give him another chance. Sarah is unapologetic when Nick confronts her about digging into his affairs. Carla has a visit from her mental health practitioner, Scott. She shows little progress. Gail forces Sarah and Bethany into a pedalo when she spots someone resembling Lorraine Kelly in one. Natalie turns up at the park to warn David and Nick about the police search, having received no response from their phones. The Platt women are worn out chasing after 'Lorraine' on the boating lake, completely missing the real Lorraine back on dry land. David tells Natalie he'll sort it. Shona sees them in deep conversation. Leanne lets slip to Gary that she was involved in retrieving his passport from Rick. Sarah doesn't take Audrey's advice so Audrey rings Gary herself. He decides to join them and surprise Sarah. The syndicate meets to take possession of Heracles. Peter feels the strain of looking after Carla and having to watch her constantly. The women pay off the horse's owner but when they go out to admire Heracles they discover it's been replaced by an old nag - they've been swindled. Sally gets the blame. The Platts partake in archery. Gail is distracted by Audrey while firing her bow and arrow and shoots Lorraine Kelly in the thigh. Gary is jumped by a man in a balaclava in Victoria Street. David and Nick convince the Platts that Natalie was dropping off work things. Shona isn't taken in and tells David she's only staying for the kids; the engagement is off. A bound and gagged Gary comes to in a van being driven by Rick.


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