Minnie is short with Ena when she won't tell her what's going on with the Flemings. Ray refuses to have anything to do with Audrey. He tells her that he was never serious. Lucille apologises to Dickie for interfering. Minnie is also upset with Annie when she refuses her help with the catering for Lucille's party. Maggie accepts the £600 and posts it off to Gordon. Lucille apologises to Audrey who tells her she's a twisted bitch. Lucille tells Ena that what Audrey said was true and she's glad to have heard it. Stan plans expanding the Ogden empire from the Corner Shop to the Rovers. Irma is horrified to discover the deal; she doesn't want to return to the shop. Audrey tells Minnie everything that's being going on between her and Ray. Dickie gets drunk in the Rovers and Maggie takes him home. She tells him not to feel too proud. Dickie tells her he's made his mind up about what he's going to do. Irma tells Maggie she hates the shop and its associations with David and her loss. Ena goes to stay with Henry Foster for a few days. Sandra buys her wedding dress and tells Ray that Audrey is after him. Ray assures her he's not interested in her and he's not been two-timing her. Dickie tells Audrey he's had enough. He packs and leaves, telling a stunned Sandra the truth about the affair as he goes.


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