Ena and Minnie see that Dickie looks depressed. Stan tells Maggie he'd like to buy a part of the shop business for Irma but not to say anything. Maggie asks for time to think about it. Ena finds out from Dickie that Audrey has left him and asks to be told the full story. Audrey visits her friend Lorna Smeaton and asks to stay with her. Betty worries that with Irma's feet under the table the Ogdens will take over, pushing out her and Cyril. Maggie tells her she needs the £600 for an accountancy course that Gordon wants to sign up to. Hilda suspects Stan is up to something with the Gazette money. Lucille makes pointed comments to Ray and Sandra about the wedding arrangements. Lorna calls round on Dickie and tells him where Audrey is. Ena tells him to fetch his wife home. Dickie calls round the next day but Audrey refuses to return. It's Lucille's 21st birthday but she isn't interested although Annie insists on having a party. Irma tells Annie that the last thing she'd want would be to return to the corner shop. Maggie agrees to the deal. Stan asks her to keep the matter quiet until the paperwork is signed. While Ena is at the yard, Audrey phones Ray and they plan a meeting in an hour. Ena tells him not to make an even bigger mess of things.


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  • The sequences on the Grape Street set were OB recorded while the scene inside the phone box was recorded in studio.
  • TV Times synopsis: Dickie faces a crisis, and Stan buys a future for an unsuspecting Irma.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,650,000 homes (3rd place).

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Annie Walker: "A husband's role in marriage is merely as provider. All the real authority is the woman's - the hand that rocks the cradle."

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