Claudia is let in on Peter's troubles when she turns up asking why Ken is avoiding her. Toyah reminds Leanne of the difficulties Nick has faced lately that could have made him desperate enough to pull off an insurance scam. Nick arrives home as they're arguing. Dev and Steve race the Metcalfes as they set off on their power-walk. At the medical centre, Ken enquires about admitting Peter to rehab. Dr Gaddas tells them it would take weeks or longer unless they go private. Moira makes a play for Jan in the Rovers. Tracy overhears him rejecting Moira, explaining that he's interested in another woman. Nick denies all knowledge of Wayne's report and readily agrees to hand the document over to the police. Steve twists his knee in the race allowing Dev to win. Sally arranges to cook the men a healthy dinner at No.4 tomorrow. Moira suspects Jan's other woman is Eileen but he says they're just friends. DS Beckett interviews Nick at the police station and asks for a list of people who have access to the flat. Nick confidently asserts that someone must have planted the report under the mattress but squirms when Beckett states her intent to question Toyah. Claudia gives the Barlows a loan to send Peter to a life-saving clinic. Tracy tells Mary about Jan's mystery woman, suggesting that it's her. Mary is reluctant to do anything about it as she's still technically married. Toyah doesn't mention her discovery to Imran when he enthuses about their plans to move. Tim reaches for his secret stash of chocolate at No.4 once Sally goes upstairs. Peter pays Johnny for the whiskey he took and asks him to keep looking for Carla while he's away. Claudia and Simon see him off as Ken drives Peter to the clinic. Nick feels the police didn't believe him and looks to Leanne for support. He accuses Leanne of not believing in him as she'd have no other reason not to want Toyah to call the police.


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