Peter staggers into the Rovers for more whisky but the staff refuse to serve him. When Johnny tries to reason with him, he starts to get aggressive. Dr Gaddas tells Gemma she must avoid alcohol, eat healthily and set boundaries regarding respect with her child. She’s encouraged by her comments. Johnny and Jenny try to summon Ken or Tracy to deal with Peter. He takes a bottle of whisky for himself and leaves the premises after handing over some money. Alina is put off by Seb’s reluctance to be upfront with her. She agrees to go home with him while he tells her the truth. Nick gets annoyed with loss adjuster Helen Sherman when she tells him no pay-out can be made until the police investigation is complete. Mary turns up in the Rovers with her wrist strapped up. Jan offers to buy her a drink as recompense while Moira again tries to chat him up. Toyah overhears Nick telling Helen that the factory will go under if she doesn’t pay up. Ken finds Peter drunk in the ginnel, impervious to his entreaties. He helps him into No.1 where they find a disgusted Simon waiting for them. Gemma finds Chesney waiting for her news in Rita’s flat. Rita covers for her. After he’s left, Gemma tells her that she’s keeping the baby. Seb admits he's HIV to Alina. She’s sympathetic. Toyah tells a shocked Johnny that she overheard that the police are investigating possible sabotage of the factory roof. Simon pours himself a whisky and threatens to drink it unless Peter gives up himself. Alina kisses Seb and asks for his phone number. He fails to spot her pocketing some biscuits before she leaves. Simon gets upset when Peter says that without Carla he has no hope, thinking that he doesn't count. Peter smashes Simon’s glass but hands the bottle back to Ken when Simon breaks down. Father and son hug and cry.


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Peter Barlow (to Ken Barlow): "Oh, ha! Here he is - Sir Kenneth Barlow! Randy old tom-cat turned pillar of the community."

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