Ken and Val plan to go to Ringway Airport to meet Hilda and Irma. Stan thinks he should wear a sombre tie to meet them when they arrive home and to show Irma that he's settled and in regular work. Dickie grows desperate to find Audrey but Cyril can't help as she isn't an official missing person. Stan asks Emily for help replying to the well-wishers. Dave Smith takes the Barlows to the airport as he has to call on someone in Wythenshawe. Stan puts on a suit for his daughter's return. Irma comes home to a big hug from her dad. Dickie hides Audrey's absence from the residents. Irma is sombre. Dave knows that Irma could have got home cheaper on an assisted passage but he has his own reasons for wanting the Ogdens spending £600. Ken wonders about buying a car but Val is frightened about what happened to David. Dickie rings round Audrey's friends and family. Irma breaks down when she reads one of the well-wisher's letters. She tells Ken and Val about the suddenness of the accident. Dickie feels frustrated when Ray calls round looking for Audrey. He claims she's ill in bed with flu.


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Valerie Barlow: "I'm frightened, Elsie. It's a curse, Ken's family... like the Kennedys. Violence and sudden death. They don't grow old.”

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