Sharon breaks free but is too late to stop Gary from driving off in the van. Gemma is bored stiff in the caravan with Chesney reading an out-of-date newspaper and Joseph sulking in the car. Robert receives a phone call which leads him to walk out of the bistro. Gary calls Sarah telling her to stay away from the house. She doesn't notice as her phone is on silent. Nick decides to come clean about the £30,000 he put in Underworld's account to the police before they come across it themselves. Chesney and Gemma decide to drive to the village but the car gets stuck in the mud. Gemma is left with Joseph as Chesney walks four miles for shopping. Kevin tells Abi he couldn't employ her even if he wanted to as there's not enough work. Gemma plays poker against Joseph and wins his pocket money. Having been unable to get hold of Sarah, Gary orders Bethany to pick Harry up and go somewhere safe but doesn't explain why. Chesney is furious that Gemma fleeced Joseph and makes her give the boy his money back. Robert returns and tells Michelle that a mate of his needed moral support. Bethany passes Gary's message onto a confused Sarah. Nick tells DS Beckett that he hid his savings from his ex-wife in the factory account for a while. Gary returns to Rick's office and tells him to do his worst. Kevin recommends Abi for a job at a mate's garage on Weatherfield Road East. Abi is thrilled. David points out to Nick that all he's done is shown the police he's dishonest. Gary is petrified when Rick makes a veiled threat against Jake and Zack. Rick punishes Gary for his actions by adding Vicky's interest to the £11,000 he already owes before beating him up. Nick tells Sarah that the roof collapse wasn't an accident and hints that Gary knows more than he's letting on. A bloodied Gary makes it out of the office having secretly nicked Alex's passport and post office card from Rick.


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  • Kate Waters was credited as the Fight Arranger on this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: Sarah fears Gary will be implicated in the roof sabotage; Gemma fleeces Joseph at poker; and Nick diverts the police's attention from his crime.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,335,948 viewers (8th place).
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