Mary and Gemma reach the tiebreaker. Gemma uses Brian's answer and wins £1,000. Chesney doesn't approve of their dishonesty. Summer tells Billy he's being patronising towards Paul. Carla is released and returns to the Street. Peter and Johnny are the only ones to show her any compassion. Gary checks that she hasn't landed him in it. Carla assures him he's in the clear however she accidentally reveals to Sarah that he took Peter's bribe. Sarah is furious. Imran is furious to see Carla out and about and warns Roy that he'll be coming for her. Gemma demands Paul take his job seriously and not let Rita down. Paul is annoyed that Billy thinks a paper round is the best he can do. Gemma feels guilty when Mary goes on about losing the quiz and confesses that she's Jemima. Billy shows Paul that he has respect for him by taking on a paper round himself. Carla is angry with Peter for trying to trick her into going on the lam. She demands he stop trying to protect her as he keeps making things worse. Billy and Paul have a 'date' delivering papers together following by drinks at the Rovers. Geoff proudly hands Brian a bag of his broad beans. Mary confronts Cathy and Brian about their scam and they agree to donate Brian's half of the winnings to charity. Paul kisses Billy for the first time. Carla apologises to Roy for putting him in an awkward position. Roy admonishes her for her uncaring attitude and demands she move out of the flat right away. Carla doesn't argue the point and thanks Roy for everything he's done for her. Peter moves her into No.1. Kate is stunned to see her arrive and calls her sister a murdering bitch.


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