Word spreads round the Street about the death of Darren. Albert tells a mourning Ken that he's not to mope over David but Ken asks him to leave him alone. Ken tells Val that the wrong brother died. Stan asks Ken and Val's advice about sending a message to Hilda en route to Australia telling her of Darren's death. Ken thinks they should if only to save Irma from having to tell her when she arrives and tells Stan he'll arrange with the airport for a message to be sent to the plane. Lucille is annoyed to discover Sandra and Ray have set the date for the wedding and asks Maggie to help stop them but Maggie refuses to get involved. Ken is angry when he discovers Albert has talked to the press about David when the Gazette prints a story mentioning Irma's reluctance to return to Australia after Christmas. Stan mopes and loses his appetite. Lucille tells Dickie about Audrey and Ray kissing. He refuses to believe her so she tells him to ask Maggie about the kiss she witnessed. Ena tells Ken not to envy the dead and that he's valuable to the world by himself. Well-wishers start to send money to No.13 after reading the story in the Gazette. Dickie confronts Audrey who denies the allegation but Maggie walks in and, under duress, tells him what she saw. Audrey tells Dickie she loves Ray.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Dickie discovers that love and marriage don't go together.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,700,000 homes (3rd place).

Notable dialogue

Albert Tatlock: "Well, there’s one thing about living round here. Folk's offer to help you - although it's not allus appreciated."

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