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In the early hours, an unknown assailant climbs the scaffolding outside the factory and tampers with the roof. Working away on Rana's dress, Beth is oblivious to the sabotage taking place however the noise wakes up Gail, who finds Gary up and about at No.8. Rana and Kate awaken on their wedding day. Carla buys a mermaid figurehead for Peter's new boat and is stunned to learn from Johnny that he's leaving this afternoon. Sarah makes a big fuss of Gary in lieu of a proper present as money is so tight. The strikers plan to occupy the factory until Carla gives in. Sally is miffed when she and Gina both make banners to hang from the roof. Emma lets it be known that she has a new man called Kyle, who's her prison pen pal. Imran admits to Rana that he's been to see Saira to make one last attempt to get her to come to the wedding. Carla is unfazed by her striking workers. Kate realises she's pining for Peter and encourages her to catch him before he goes and tell him how she feels. Peter says goodbye to the Barlows and kills a call from Carla before setting off for Southampton with Ken. Imran tells Rana that their mother is softening but needs more time. Rana is gutted that she won't be there but isn't prepared to postpone the wedding for her. Leanne is annoyed when Nick leaves muddy footprints in the flat after an early morning run. The strikers find the factory unlocked and Beth hard at work. Gemma and Emma join the protest. Natalie sends Nick a selfie of Audrey doing her hair in the salon to intimidate him. The protestors turf Beth out of the factory and hold the finished dress to use as a bargaining chip. Beth is hurt when Kirk sides with his colleagues over her. Ken stops off at Freshco for mints and answers Peter's phone when Carla rings. Peter is peeved when he gives away their location and agrees to stay put while she comes to meet them. Kate is willing to delay the wedding if Rana wants to. Rana is torn. Carla gives Peter the mermaid and declares her love for him, begging him to stay and give them another chance.


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