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David relives Kylie's death as he cradles Shona. However, the paramedic can't find a wound - the blood is Clayton's. Shona suffers from shock after stabbing her son. Clayton is rushed to hospital, with the Platts following on. Shona gives the police a statement. Geoff follows Brian's advice and arranges a night out with Yasmeen. When he suggests going back to No.6 afterwards, she paints on a smile, clearly unhappy with the idea. Gary doesn't want to re-employ Seb as he's a liability. Sarah makes a case for him. David is relieved that his ordeal is over. Shona can't cope with what she's done and thinks she's just like Clayton. Ali is surprised when Ryan tells him that he's a good doctor. Craig is smitten with Lolly. Kate forgets a date with Rana as Lolly holds her up at Speed Daal. David is conflicted as he wants Clayton to die but knows that his death will destroy Shona. Gary offers to employ Seb on a freelance basis at £5.90 an hour. Seb refuses to work for a pittance. Faye argues with him for letting his pride make his decisions. Claudia starts a petition against the bail hostel. Gary signs it and accuses Billy of getting off on befriending criminals when he shows his disapproval. Paul is angered by the comment. Shona is told she won't be charged as it was self-defence. Clayton is stable after surgery. Shona realises that Clayton isn't her boy any more and decides not to see him again. She gives David back the money she took. At Speed Daal, Lolly tops up the soft drinks with vodka and gets drunk with Kate. Sarah takes Seb's side against Gary. He gives in and agrees to pay the lad the same as before. Rana finds a tipsy Kate and Lolly planning her wedding. Yasmeen spots the vodka bottle and is unimpressed to hear that Geoff turned a blind eye. Back home, David tells Nick he plans to propose to Shona.


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