The stand-off enters its second day. Clayton gives the police one hour to meet his demands or he'll kill Shona. David is dissatisfied with the police's response, or lack thereof. Billy, Summer and Paul start a campaign in favour of the bail hostel. Sarah struggles to look after Max and Lily as well as Harry. Lolly gives Kate her wedding ideas folder and throws suggestions at her. Shona tries the soft approach with Clayton, telling him that he has the potential to be better. Clayton shocks her by admitting that Dane smuggled drugs into prison for him for months. He exaggerated the beatings in order to keep his supply going after Dane messed up and overdosed. Shona is sickened by his lack of guilt over his dad's death. Brian and Cathy plan their date night at Speed Daal. Geoff and Yasmeen make excuses for why they don't go out together. Claudia's mortgage on the flat is approved. Max reads Sarah's texts from Gail and finds out what's going on with Shona. He disappears from the cafe while Sarah is distracted. Clayton lowers his guard when Shona bandages his bloodied hand and says she'll always love him. After he drops the knife, Shona knees him and makes a run for it. However, with no guarantee that the police won't shoot Clayton, she goes back inside the house and asks him to walk out with her. Clayton pretends to cooperate before again using his knife to gain the upper hand. Faye minds Lily and Harry while Seb helps Sarah search for Max. Ali hates that people keep reminding him that he's not a doctor any more. He decides to call his supervisor and get his job back. Seb finds Max at the tram station, planning to go to Shona's aid. Seb convinces the lad that the best thing he can do is look after Lily. Claudia is horrified to learn that the bail hostel is will be directly opposite her flat and vows to put a stop to it. Sarah is grateful for Seb's help and offers to put in a good word for him with Gary. As she cowers from Clayton, Shona rings David to say goodbye. David runs past the police just as Shona exits the building covered in blood. Armed officers storm the building as Shona collapses in David's arms.


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