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Ray worries about what Maggie saw and tells Audrey to go home. She and Dickie bicker when she does. Maggie advises Ray to tell Sandra about the kiss before Audrey does, telling him to put it down to being a dizzy moment. She asks him if he'd be pleased if Sandra threw him over. Sandra confides in Val that she doesn't think Ray is interested in her. Lucille asks Len what's going on with Ray and what Maggie has to do with it, having seen the two of them talking in the Rovers. Maggie tells Len what she saw. Sandra books St. Mary's Church for the wedding on 23rd May. Len warns Ray that if he loves Audrey he can't marry Sandra. Audrey realises from Len's manner that he knows about the kiss but she isn't concerned. She tells Ray she's never loved Dickie, she's only been fond of him; he's too weak. She tells Ray she'll never feel the same for Dickie as she does for him. Ray loses control and tells Audrey he loves her. Len tells Lucille that Ray and Audrey are getting in very deep water and he's worried but if she says anything to Dickie, he's finished with her. P.C. Conway calls into the Rovers looking for the Ogdens and tells Ken that they've had a telex to say that the Barlows have been involved in a car accident in Australia and are in the Royal Adelaide Hospital.


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