Roy is puzzled that his coat and slippers are missing from the flat. Carla claims she hasn't seen them. Shona confides her worries about Clayton to Billy. Gina has the idea of making the party for Sally a Madonna-themed one. The collection for the event currently runs to £36 and Carla makes a generous donation to top it up. Steve and Tracy make plans for their move to 12 Victoria Street. Gary examines the fire damage to the Underworld roof and promises a quote. Nick insists a faulty factory order is dumped in the fabric bin. Tracy's puzzled by Bethany's interest in Amy's well-being. Lolly, an old friend of Kate's turns up at the bistro to see her. Hearing about Shona and Clayton from Billy, Paul agrees to put some feelers out with his friends on the estate for news as to how he's doing. Gina posts the cash for the party in an envelope for Sophie through No.13's letterbox. Carla buys Roy a trendy new anorak but he wants his old one back. Kirk finds it in the factory bin. Kevin and Jack return home and find the money. Kevin thinks it's from Sophie for Jack's adventure holiday and agrees with his son that they can go immediately. Kirk returns Roy's coat, telling him where he found it. Lolly tells Kate about her marriage breakdown and wonders aloud where her invite is to her wedding. Amy tells Bethany that she can't break her parents' hearts by telling them about the abortion. Steve gets a call telling them they've been gazumped on the house. Roy also finds his slippers in the fabric bin and asks Carla for an explanation as to why they were there and smelling of paraffin. Gina and Sophie find that the money is missing. Nick contradicts David's orders for the barber shop refit to Gary. Paul finds out that Clayton is being let out of prison on compassionate grounds for Dane's funeral and Billy suggests Shona also attends. Roy refuses to move out of Carla's office until she explains herself and she tells him that he was the boat's arsonist. He's wracked with guilt but angry she withheld the truth from him. Gina tells the factory staff that the money has disappeared. Shona gets details of tomorrow's funeral but withholds the details from David. Rana meets Lolly. She and Kate tell her that they've over-invited the guest numbers and Lolly suggests they take action to remedy the situation. Steve promises to find another house for them all. Roy confesses his guilt to a surprised Peter who's furious that Carla let Abi take the blame and accuses her of deleting the footage to cause a breach between the two of them. Beth dumps Gina's bags on her, accusing her of being a thief and telling her to vacate the flat. Peter agrees that for Roy's sake he will not take any further action but demands Carla apologises to Abi in public. Roy goes to the police station to confess. David discovers Shona has bought a black dress and guesses it's for the funeral. Lolly makes the acquaintance of Kirk and Beth in the bistro. To put them off attending the wedding, she lies to them that Kate and Rana only want really expensive presents and makes Kirk uncomfortable that there will be three women attending who only fancy blonde women. Carla despairs when she discovers that Roy confessed to the police. Steve and Tracy are outraged to discover that Claudia is their gazumper. Sophie takes Gina in but expresses doubts about her innocence. David supports Shona's attendance at the funeral but asks her to promise she'll be careful. Carla is hurt when Roy accuses her of setting up Abi because she's still obsessed with Peter and tells her that he's bitterly disappointed in her. She breaks down.


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  • The was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and transmitted at 7.30pm to enable a two-hour episode of Vera to be shown immediately afterwards.
  • TV Times synopsis: Kevin mistakenly takes cash intended for Sally's party, which leaves the factory staff thinking the worst of Gina; and Shona considers seeing Clayton when he is released for a funeral.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,022,793 viewers (5th place).
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