The twins celebrate their fifth birthday and Val organises a party for them. Things are tense at No.3 between Dickie and Audrey as she walks round in her dressing gown in front of Ray. Audrey insists she loves Dickie and kisses him. Ena calls on Audrey with words of advice and tells her not to go over to the devil. Len tells Ray he should move out of No.3 and agrees to take him in at No.9. Lucille delights in telling Audrey and making catty remarks to Sandra, observed by Jack. Sandra voices her concerns to Ray and he sets the wedding day for 23rd May to convince her of his commitment. Jack sits Lucille down and tells her in no uncertain terms that she's to stop hurting people and to keep out of Ray, Audrey and Sandra's business or she'll turn everyone against her, including him. The party takes place with eight of Peter and Susan's friends. Audrey thinks Dickie has caused Ray to leave and they argue before he sets out for night school. Audrey turns up at the yard and begs Ray not to give her up but he stands firm. She weakens him and they kiss, witnessed by Maggie as she passes the open gate.


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Ena Sharples (to Audrey Fleming): "Life's still a battle ground between good and evil. Your generation won't admit as much, they don't up 'old my sort of religion. But they've only to look inside themselves, No, it's still a battlefield. And there's still such a thing as goin' to the bad, goin' over to the devil."

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