Nick and David conduct interviews at the Rovers. They're embarrassed when Andrea Abruzzi turns out to be a man. Leanne and Shona confront them and are unimpressed to read Nick's list of names with scores out of ten. The candidates walk out when Shona lets them know their interviewers are sexist pigs. Audrey suggests to Bethany that she applies at other barbers. Bethany is shocked by an article in the Gazette. Gemma and Paul return to questions from Imran, who suspects they're behind Liz's disappearance. Brian and Cathy let Rita know that they're The Kabin's new owners, expecting it to be a comfort. Instead she accuses Brian of using her to take him to the top. David mollifies Shona by offering to interview Andrea again, properly. Rita insists she's still the boss until the sale goes through. Bethany shows the article to Shona, leading her to dash off without telling David. Gemma realises she forgot to meet Chesney. Kirk finds Liz's necklace in the Underworld van and gives it to Steve. Paul runs away when Kirk mentions that he was on delivery. Steve demands an explanation from Gemma, who denies all knowledge. The police return to court having been unable to locate Liz. The judge declares that the Connors won't be tried and no further action will be taken. Steve is certain that Gemma knows more than she's letting on and interrogates her. They're interrupted by a call from Liz, who's boarding a plane at Manchester Airport. She tells Steve she couldn't bring herself to testify and plays dumb when he asks if Gemma kidnapped her. Shona visits Clayton at Highfield Prison and tells him his dad has died from an overdose. Clayton reveals he's being routinely attacked and begs her to carry on Dane's mission to get him moved to an open prison in Liverpool before somebody kills him. Steve tells everyone Liz got her dates mixed up and forgot about court. Chesney hopes to spend the night with Gemma but she drags him to the Rovers to celebrate with the Connors. Brian tries to flatter Rita into staying with the Kabin but comes across as condescending. She resigns on the spot. Shona returns home and immediately tells David where she's been and why. She declares she's going to do what Clayton asked of her.


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