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Albert tells Dickie it's time he put his house in order when Audrey slams the door in his face after he plays an April Fool trick on her. Val misses being a hairdresser and wishes they'd bought the salon. Albert loses his patience in the salon when Hilda and Adam bicker and walks out when Annie complains about the service she is receiving. Lucille cattily warns Sandra about Audrey and Ray. Dave rings Elsie to plead with her to return and under duress agrees to take Bernard back. Hilda points out to Dave that Val was the salon's best hairdresser. A shocked Sandra tells Ray that Audrey fancies him. Dave comes crawling to Val who agrees to return to the salon on an extra £1 a week plus commission. Adam and Jasmine walk out of the salon with all the staff changes that Dave has agreed to. Bernard refuses to return until Dave takes Sandra back on and give them both a rise as well. Dave takes Lucille back on at the betting shop. Dickie and Sandra watch as Audrey throws herself at Ray in the Rovers. Lucille tells Ena that Ray and Sandra's engagement won't last.


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Dave Smith (to Hilda Ogden): "Why don’t you climb on your broomstick and fly home?"

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