The father is Tyler Jefferies. Tyler doesn't believe that Amy is really pregnant. Evelyn tries to get rid of Tyrone but James Woodgate introduces himself. Tyrone is keen to hear more when he comments that he looks just like his mum. At the shop flat, Sarah makes fun of Adam's cheesy come-ons. Tyler doesn't want anyone to know he slept with Amy as she's underage. He demands she get rid of the baby or else say Simon is the dad but to keep his name out of it. Adam leans in to kiss Sarah but she recoils. Furious, she storms out of the flat, followed by an apologetic Adam. Outside, Seb sees Adam hassling Sarah and comes to her defence, causing Adam to thump him in the face. Tyrone learns that James is an old neighbour of Evelyn's who has been in a wheelchair since he was involved in a car crash that killed his parents. Evelyn does all she can for him, and as a thank-you James takes her away on holiday every year. Tyrone is interested in the fact that he's seen photos of his mother, despite Evelyn saying they were destroyed in a fire. Peter annoys Leanne by praising Simon for not taking the easy option and betraying Amy's trust. Simon lets slip that he's leaving with Peter when the boat is finished. Sarah doesn't tell Gary what happened with Adam and says that somebody jumped Seb. Peter stops Simon from working on the boat when Leanne tells him his grades are falling. Tyrone doesn't understand why Evelyn didn't move in with James when she had nowhere to live. Evelyn accuses him of being jealous of her close relationship with James and tells him he ought to be grateful for what he's got. She evades his questions about his mum. Roy obsessively catalogues all of Sylvia's things. Carla worries that he's trying to keep his mind off his grief. Sarah and Gary apologise to each other for the way they've been lately. Gary feels like a loser as he isn't able to provide for his family. Tyler corners Simon and threatens to kick his head in unless he either says he's the father or makes Amy have an abortion. James visits the Street to return Evelyn's phone. Re-assuring Tyrone that Evelyn loves him, James tells him that leaving him at the police station was the hardest thing she ever had to do. Tyrone is stunned.


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