Sophie hatches a plan to turn Duncan's daughter Olivia against him and get a confession that way. Yasmeen lets her use Speed Daal as the venue for a fake photoshoot in order to draw Olivia out. Sinead pulls out a clump of hair with her hairbrush. Beth suggests shaving it all off as a way of taking charge. Sinead only feels worse. Brian spends his first day at The Kabin helping himself to the sweets. Sophie meets Olivia at the curry house, calling herself Georgia. She and Yasmeen ask her about her parents while they wait on the non-existent photographer. Olivia says that her mother is dead. Nick deposits £30,000 into the factory account before writing Elsa a cheque for the amount. She's satisfied and agrees to sign the divorce petition. Jenny has been charged GBH by dangerous driving. Rita offers the Connors her full support. Olivia gets suspicious when the photographer doesn't turn up. Yasmeen gives the game away when she calls Sophie by her real name. Tim takes charge and tells Olivia that Duncan is lying to her about her mum's death. The police arrest Claudia over the stolen money. She's unconcerned as she knows she's innocent. Sarah notices the £30,000 in the factory account and tells Carla. Rita catches Brian with his hand in the cola cube jar. Beth and Roy complain when their magazine subscriptions are mixed up after Brian changed the delivery system. Olivia doesn't believe the Metcalfes and summons Duncan. Sinead goes into hospital for a scan. She thinks Daniel doesn't understand how she feels about losing her hair as he isn't going through it. Rita lets Brian off with his transgressions as it's his first day. Carla asks Nick where the £30,000 came from. Jenny can't deal with Moira gossiping about her in the bar and hides in the back. Ken tells Audrey he's disappointed in her for making unfounded allegations. Duncan arrives and rescues Olivia. He calls Tim's story about May being in Costa Rica sick and twisted.


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