Elsie takes Dave to task for getting one over Ken. Bernard stumbles into work late, much to Dave's annoyance. Ken's cheque is returned by Alan's agent. His pride is hurt. Minnie refuses to hear any thing bad about Dave, in view of his past kindnesses to her. Maggie worries that Audrey is a bit too happy to have Ray under her roof. Val reluctantly returns to work. Annie, Sandra, Minnie and Maggie make comments about Len's moustache, making him self-conscious. Dickie grows jealous at the attention that Audrey pays to Ray. She isn't pleased to hear that Ray is taking Sandra to the cinema. Dave's offers of drinks are snubbed by Len, Annie and Albert but Minnie accepts one. Len goes to the salon to have his moustache shaved off but, noticing Bernard's trembling hands when holding the razor, he does the job himself. Dave calls a staff meeting at which he announces that he’s bringing in a new barber named Adam. He gives Val a rise to keep her sweet but sacks Bernard. Elsie is furious. Dave meets Ken in the Rovers and tells him he didn't lend him the money because he's a ditherer and a bad investment. Len suggests a boycott of the salon but Annie disagrees. Minnie perturbs Maggie when she tells her how much Audrey is spoiling Ray. Elsie confronts Dave who says he sacked Bernard because his conversation bores the customers. Dickie isn't pleased when Audrey asks Ray to pin up the hem of her skirt. Albert tells Bernard to set up in opposition against Dave. Lucille rings Annie from Ireland to tell her that she's returning. Annie is concerned as the decoration of her room hasn't been completed. Len pushes Ray to return to the yard. Val, Elsie and Sandra walk out of the salon in protest at Bernard's sacking.


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Elsie Tanner (about Ken Barlow): "We’re talking about a kid that used to play marbles with our Dennis."

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