Audrey wakes up and sees that Lewis is not beside her in bed. Exploring the house, she finds that he has slept on the sofa but has now gone out again. Gail tells David about Lewis's threat and that today he's going to put into action today his supposed plan. Beth is dissatisfied with her New Year's Eve as Kirk seemed too distracted to enjoy it. Jenny starts to sense that the neighbours are turning against her and Johnny because of Liz. Emma tells Chesney she's taking him for lunch as a treat but he too seems distracted. Eileen drops a fiver on the floor of the cafe which is almost pocketed by David's old cellmate Paul Foreman before Billy stops him, accusing him of trying to steal it. Sarah argues with Gary for the amount he spent on Christmas presents for Zack. Carla takes a call for a delivery that she's ordered. She and Peter swap pleasantries when they meet. Gail tells Audrey what Lewis said and gives her one last warning that she's going to be taken in again. Beth plans to run a pub in the flat and charge entry to their friends to raise money for Sinead. She sends Kirk off to buy enough cans of beer for the event. Lewis finds Audrey and agrees with the substance of what Gail accused him of saying. He admits he's feeling unwell and has been to see a doctor but he pleads with her to still trust him, saying he can't see a life without her. He asks her to be at the bistro at 7.00pm when all will be revealed. Outside the cafe, he rings the Chariot Square Hotel to cancel a reservation as he will be out of the country. Ken, Peter and Simon return from a visit to Deirdre's grave. Peter tells them he's not going to buy the snooker hall now. Peter and Simon are amused at texts that Claudia has sent Ken. All three men are astounded when a boat, the "Lost Buoy", is delivered for Peter. He sees a smiling Carla watching from the doorway of The Kabin and realises who bought it. Desperate for money, Gary sells an expensive tool from the yard. Audrey confides in Maria that she does love Lewis. Paul turns up at No.8 and drops hints to David that he's hungry. David offers to rustle up bacon and eggs for him, much to Shona's annoyance. Lewis gets a call that something he's ordered is available to collect. Carla tells Peter he can store the boat on the Underworld loading bay while he does it up. Paul tells David he needs a job. Peter tells Simon he wants him to come with him to the Caribbean in the boat when he's done it up. David takes Paul to see Billy for help. Seeing Billy is a vicar, Paul is not interested and walks off. A reluctant Billy agrees to see what he can do for him when David asks. Audrey shows Maria a dress she's bought for her meal with Lewis. She's perturbed when Lewis tells her he has to do several things before he sees her at 7.00pm. Emma is hurt when Chesney is distracted by texts from Gemma during their meal. Johnny and Jenny are worried by the lack of customers in the Rovers. Lots of neighbours have gathered in the flat where Gemma is annoyed by the gossip she overhears about Jenny. Sarah sees that Gary is carrying a large amount of cash on him. Gail isn't pleased by the sight of the boat outside her house. A reluctant Emma accompanies Chesney to the flat party. Lewis packs a case as he rings an airline about a reservation. Audrey waits in the bistro for him. Beth realises that Kirk bought a job lot of alcohol-free beers. Gary tells Sarah where he got the money from but lies to her that he's on top of the rent. Gail finds Audrey still waiting for Lewis. Simon teases Peter as he goes out to meet Carla. Peter assures him that it will be just the two of them on the boat. Unable to get an answer from Lewis, Audrey admits defeat and heads for home. Gail insists on going with her. Jenny finds the party in full swing and realises how many tongues have been wagging about Johnny. Gemma is torn when she she sees how Jenny is being treated. Audrey finds Lewis dead on the floor of her bedroom, holding an engagement ring in his hand and with details nearby of a holiday booked for them. She breaks down. Peter and Carla drink to new beginnings, but not with each other. As the ambulance arrives, Audrey tells Gail she's to blame for haunting Lewis to death and asks her to leave.


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