Sally sends Gina and Sophie a visiting order. Jenny is relieved to hear from Eileen that Liz is out of the woods. Johnny is kept in for further questioning. Gail is determined to catch Lewis out. Carla suggests she plays him at his own game. Kate returns from visiting Eva to the news of Johnny's arrest. Imran clocks Sophie holding Kate's hand and lets Rana know that her ex has moved on. Rana's confident that Sophie was just being a mate. Peter completes the purchase of the snooker hall. Kirk warns him that the property is haunted. Gail apparently makes peace with Lewis. While his back is turned, she steals his diary from his coat pocket. Liz regains consciousness and is interviewed by the police. She remembers being struck by the car but didn't get a look at the driver. Moira prompts her to mention her affair with "wife-beater" Johnny when they ask if anyone could have hit her on purpose. Gail checks Lewis's upcoming appointments, noting in particular the entry for 1st January labelled "D-Day" and "Dominican Republic". She manages to return the book without Lewis noticing. Lewis leaves, supposedly to get his hair cut. Gemma spreads the word that Johnny carried out the hit-and-run. The police are sceptical that Johnny can't remember hitting anyone. He changes his story, explaining that he had a dizzy spell at the wheel triggered by his MS. Imran and Toyah drag Rana on a night out to cheer her up. DC Leslie asks Johnny about his relationship with Liz. He says he sacked her because they were overstaffed but the officer knows they had an affair. Kirk shows Peter an article in The Inexplicable about the "Black Ball Butcher". Peter thinks it's a load of hogwash. Gail memorises Lewis's schedule and follows him to Chariot Square Hotel, where he wines and dines a mystery woman. Gina hopes that Sally is in a forgiving mood but Sally disowns her instead, telling her she's never had a sister. Kirk and Dev let themselves into the snooker hall where Dev decides to play a trick on Peter. Jenny can't bear to let Johnny take the rap for her crime and goes to the police station to confess. Gail photographs Lewis leading the woman into a hotel room.


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