Tyrone returns from Cornbrook having learned from the tram driver that a passenger in the car claimed Cerberus as his own. Evelyn fears that the greyhound will be put back racing. Sinead comes to in the cafe and is taken to hospital by Daniel. Brian does well under inspection until Phil exposes the fact that he gave his class the same test as last week to get good results. Robert stops Kate before she tells Rana about the baby plan and makes out that her announcement is she's been promoted to assistant manager at the bistro. As he shares his and Michelle's news, Kate realises he's changed his mind and is devastated. Imran offers Nick £15,000 for his car. Nick wants £20,000. Sinead has low blood-sugar levels. Daniel takes her home, where they find Gemma trying to stir Chesney into suing Dev for unfair dismissal. Daniel demands they drop it as they're stressing Sinead out. Robert confirms to Kate that he doesn't want to father her baby anymore. He tries to placate her by offering her the mooted promotion. Kate asks him to re-consider after hearing that Michelle isn't yet fully committed to trying for a baby. Rana sees them talking in Victoria Gardens and later finds Kate crying in the flat. She manages to get the whole story out of Kate. Melinda Calvert puts Brian on performance review. Dev re-hires Chesney but only as a regular employee. Kate asks Rana to help her get Robert back on board. Rana refuses to help her deprive Michelle of a child. She doesn't like Kate plotting behind her back and feels she's trying to arrange her life, just like Zeedan did. Roy suggests to Evelyn that she ask the local greyhound owners to see if Cerberus's captor has tried to sell him. Audrey finds out that Archie Shuttleworth has died. Brian fears his job is on the line. Imran gets Nick's car for the knockdown price of £14,750 as it's had a bump. Rana admits to Alya that she doesn't know how to make her relationship with Kate work.


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