The women are convinced that the men will soon give in but Jack breaks the news to them of the 'Kibbutz' in No.9 where he is going to enjoy a breakfast of kippers. Annie and Betty don't think it will last but the men enjoy their first communal breakfast and vote Jack as their leader. He organises a rota with Ken and Len doing the cooking, Bernard the ironing and Dickie the shopping. A kitty is set up for the food costs. Cyril tells Ena that the Theft Act covers the mis-sale of her songs. Dickie is surprised how expensive food is. Ena lures Stan into buying another of her songs. Ken makes enquiries about the salon from Elsie. Audrey tries to help Bernard with household work in return for news as to how the men are coping but he sees through her and refuses. Stan offers Mickie Malone another song and gets a £5 advance but Mickie makes it clear there'll be trouble if he doesn't come up with the goods. Annie distributes a list of services to withdraw to the women. Elsie and Val upset Ken when they tell him he's not cut out to be a businessman. Annie and Betty lay on pies and sandwiches on the bar to entice the men but they don't respond. They summon a meeting of the women's committee where they decide to entice the men in more feminine ways. Ena gives a delighted Stan the score of a "toe-tapping, finger-snapping" song. He walks straight past a bewigged and made-up Hilda. Val, Audrey and Betty similarly fail in their task. Elsie sweet talks Len, all for the cause. Ken determines to buy the salon. Stan gives Mickie the score and they await the return of Charlie to play it. Ena tells Cyril she's set a trap and she wishes she was there to see it work...


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