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The residents are stunned by Sally's sentence. Sally doesn't know how she'll get through it without Tim's support. Kevin shoots down any speculation that Sally had an affair, while Tim refuses to drink with the gossip-mongers in the Rovers. Johnny can't watch his TV programme as Rita wants to watch hers and goes to the bistro for some peace and quiet. Geoff is concerned at Tim and Gina's closeness. Imran is preoccupied with Duncan's odd reaction to his sentence, particularly his comment that he "got off lightly". Adam tells him that he's overthinking it. Sally has to pay the £40,000 back herself as Duncan has no assets. Jenny monitors Liz's movements on the tracker app. When she registers as being in the bistro, Jenny thinks she's meeting Johnny there and rushes off to catch them in the act. However, it turns out she was actually with Moira and Johnny is nowhere to be seen. Sophie tries to arrange a prison visit with Tim but Tim doesn't see the point. Jack is disappointed when his friends show little interest in the one-legged race. Adam doesn't understand why Kate and Rana are paying for a sperm donor when they could just get pregnant the old-fashioned way. The girls realise they haven't discussed the baby's ethnicity. Roy treats Mary to afternoon tea to mark Jude's birthday. He cheers her up with the thought that Jude will ultimately return to her as she's his mum. Mary receives a text from someone asking to meet up. Rana tells Kate she doesn't like the thought of a total stranger fathering their baby and asks her to slow things down. Sally rings Gina from prison, seeking reassurance over Tim. Gina tells her thatfor he just needs time to process what's happened. She then advises Tim not to visit Sally as she sees him as the villain. Tim is livid and decides to cut ties with Sally. Jenny finds out that Johnny went to a bar in town with Dev instead of the bistro. Tim catches Gina moving out of No.4. He stops her leaving, saying he needs her.


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