Annie tells Jack the terms of their Lysistrata campaign and he is unable to get a cleaned and ironed shirt, a cup of tea or even the phone answered. Likewise Stan can't get his breakfast made. Mickie Malone chases up Stan up for the promised song, threatening legal action. Dickie can't get a morning goodbye kiss from Audrey. Albert finds the campaign amusing until Val gives him his washing and darning back. Ena gives Stan a song score which Mickie likes. Ken tells the menfolk who Lysistrata was and predicts it will all blow over by tomorrow, making a bet of a round of drinks that he will be proven right. The next day, he has to buy the round which Annie takes pleasure in serving. Cyril tells the menfolk they must present a united front and knock down the women's defences one by one. The women hold a meeting to discuss tactics in the salon in which they agree to withhold sexual favours. Stan receives money for the song. Ena hears Len whistling her tune which he tells her he heard at the Robin Hood. Ken starts to think the business life may have its appeal after all. Jack isn't bothered by Annie's announcement that she will sleep in the spare room. Stan tells Ena that he's had no success with the song. Ken suggests a kibbutz run from No 9 for the men. Ena goes to the Robin Hood and is furious to hear her song sung by Mickie and that Stan claims to be the writer of the piece.


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