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Audrey and Claudia prepare for the North West Regional Stylist Awards, agreeing to put past rivalries behind them. Claudia immediately invites Ken as her guest to get Audrey's back up. Amy hands the contracts to Steve and Tracy. Steve decides to sack Abi as she sends cabs to the wrong addresses and is rude to customers. Nick tells Carla he won't give in to blackmail. The contracts go AWOL when Ken tidies the living room. Steve and Tracy locate them right before Amy comes back but have to sign them without knowing what they're agreeing to. Amy immediately starts laying down the law; Steve can't sack Abi as he has to keep his promises to Tracy, and Tracy can't insult Steve any more. If they don't adhere to the rules, Amy will go ahead with emancipation. Audrey, David, Emma, Claudia, Maria, Ken and Rita arrive at the Chariot Square Hotel for the awards. Maria gets them all to sit together. Abi lets the twins' foster parents take them to Lapland over Christmas. Nick decides to tell Leanne about Elsa and keep his half of the factory. Abi feels inadequate as a mother and cancels the twins' visit. Claudia reveals she's nominated Audrey for a Lifetime Achievement Award. Audrey is offended as it's reserved for people who are past it. Emma is fascinated by Ken's hair. Abi hangs around outside the twins' foster home and downs a bottle of vodka as she watches them enjoy themselves. Not knowing where she is, Seb worries about what she'll do in her state of mind. Daniel takes a call from the hospital and almost finds out that Sinead moved her chemo appointment. He plans to take the day off on Friday to support her. Tracy tells Steve that Adam wrote the contract. Audrey wins the Lifetime Achievement Award and goes up to accept it, drunk on wine.


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