Stan tells Ena no one was interested in her song and asks her for another. Alan writes to his staff putting the salon up for sale and giving them first refusal. Stan tries writing lyrics of his own. Mickie Malone pushes him to come up with another song. Hilda finds out that he's received an advance for the songs. A football bus starts in the Street. Football yobs, including Spider Smart and Nobby Jones, descend on the Street, insulting Annie in the pub. Jack is pleased at the extra custom but Annie is livid. Emily asks for a cloth to clean the graffiti on the walls that the yobs have left behind. When Annie finds out what they’ve written, she writes a letter to the transport authorities demanding the removal of the bus. Ken thinks of buying the salon for £30 a week for Val to run. Mickie is annoyed with Stan for not having another song ready and threatens him with the police for misrepresentation if he doesn’t have a song for the agent when he comes tomorrow. The men refuse to sign Annie's petition against the bus. Ken gives Stan some lyrics he's written but he can't write music so he sings it for them. They aren't impressed and Ken isn't pleased. Stan asks Ena for another song and plies her with drinks. Annie gets the women to deny their husbands all services until they sign.


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Notable dialogue

Annie Walker (about Len Fairclough and Elsie Tanner): "Extraordinary, isn’t it? The way they seem to act as blotting paper for one another. Soaking up each other's woes."


Hilda Ogden: "Stan doesn’t whiff - well, at least not this early in the week"

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