Elsie hangs round the Bramhall estate to carry on dreaming about her house. She remains coy with the womenfolk when she gets back to Weatherfield. Bernard plays Dreaming Time for Stan on his mouth organ. Annie, Betty and Hilda go to the "Better Homes" exhibition. The residents gossip about Elsie moving to Bramhall and rib her about wedding dresses. Music man Stan takes to wearing a cravat and smoking his cigarettes through a holder. Hilda returns from the exhibition with an inflatable chair. Alan is shocked when Elsie talks about marriage and tells her that he doesn't want to marry her, just to live with her. She is livid. He offers her half the house as security but she is still afraid of what would happen if things went wrong. Alan demands a yes or no answer from her but she stays silent and walks out of the house. Mickie Malone tells Stan his agent thinks he's got talent as a songwriter and wants another song to buy. Elsie avoids Alan, moping in the Rovers. She tells Val about Alan's offer and that she doesn't know if she loves him any more. Alan asks Len to intervene but he refuses. Alan rings Elsie in the pub and tells her that he's coming in for one drink and if she hasn't come over to talk to him by the time he's finished it, he’s walking out of her life. Elsie tells Val that Alan should have asked her to marry him. She sits and waits as he finishes his drink as the residents watch on. Alan walks out of the pub alone.


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