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Sinead regains consciousness. Her diagnosis devastates Daniel. He believes that Ken only kept Sinead's secret as he didn't have the guts to confront the issue head-on. Peter also disapproves, feeling that they could have worked things out as a family. Daniel discovers that Sinead delayed treatment for the cancer in order to give their baby a fighting chance. She explains that she can now start mild chemo as she's in her second trimester. Daniel feels that Sinead's health comes first, especially when the oncologist says that her chances would improve if she had a termination. Ken is afraid that Sinead will die and Daniel will blame him, remembering how losing Val at a young age affected him. Sinead refuses to consider another abortion and warns Daniel that she'll be infertile if she has treatment. She compares it to leaving their baby in a burning building. Daniel abandons her to confront Ken over his inaction. Peter stops him as he charges down the ginnel in a blind rage. Peter defends Ken, saying Sinead put him in an impossible situation. Ken listens to his sons' argument from his kitchen. Peter reminds Daniel that he has more reason to hate Ken than anyone but now just feels sorry for him as he has to live with his regrets over a lifetime of putting himself first, including sending Peter and Susan to Scotland. Daniel doesn't think Ken deserves sympathy when he continues to make the same mistakes. Peter says he's just flawed - like everyone else. He encourages Daniel to stand by Sinead and not let history repeat itself. Daniel leaves without speaking to Ken. Ken reveals to Peter that he heard everything and they were right in what they said. He vows to use the time he has left to change his ways and ensure that Daniel doesn't repeat his mistakes. Daniel returns to Sinead and they promise never to leave each other.


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  • Mark Strange was the Fight Arranger on this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: Daniel realises Ken has kept Sinead's illness from him, and is horrified to discover she has refused treatment as it would mean losing their baby. Later, Peter has to calm his relative down when Daniel has a go at Ken for his deception.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,609,977 viewers (8th place).
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