Michelle panics as she's due to give the police her statement. Ali demands to know what she's going to say to them, horrified that she's considering telling the truth giving self-defence as the basis. He accuses her of hypocrisy after covering up Ryan's part in Cormac's death. Leanne tells Nick how bad things have been since he departed, leaving her to face things alone. She asks for his promise that they won't see each other again but he refuses. Peter has to admit to an angry Simon that he's suspended Vicky. Daniel also demands answers from his brother. Rita can't understand why Jenny's forgiven Johnny and is allowing Liz to continue working at the Rovers. Nick tries to talk to David but gets the brush-off. He hears that his brother considered suicide but doesn't get an answer as to why. Peter and Daniel row about Sinead with Daniel demanding special treatment for their family. Simon tells Nick how his behaviour spiralled out of control after he left. He offers to intercede with Leanne on Nick's behalf but Nick has plans to leave the area again. Ali rings Michelle as she's taken in for her statement but she ignores the call. Ken takes Simon to visit Leanne, both annoyed with Peter's behaviour over the suspension. Peter starts to feel the pressure. Michelle returns and sees Ali trying to flee with a packed bag. She stands in front of his car, refusing to let him go. Ryan comes round and Robert fills him in on events. Ryan wants his mum with him. Back in the flat, Michelle tells Ali she covered for him as she doesn't want to lose him. Ali is overwhelmed with guilt for taking a man's life but Michelle points out that he saved Leanne's life and will do the same many times over once he qualifies. Carla is surprised to see Nick in his car. He tells someone on his phone that he's returning now. Daniel tells Sinead about the MA course but he's refusing it as they both have so many other things on in their lives. Michelle tells Ali no one else should be told what happened but he has reached the conclusion that he should confess his crime to overcome his guilt. Disagreeing with him, she tells him of her suicide attempt after Ruairi's death and how she overcame that with Robert’s help. She offers the same promise of help to him.


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