Jack resumes his lessons with Brian promising to look out for him at Bessie Street School. Imran offers to represent Ryan after Adam refuses Michelle's request point blank, scared of Ronan. Liz tells Jim and Hannah that the money will be through in a few days and she'll have more in a week or so. Andy boycotts the wedding as he can't stand Tracy. Johnny leaves £50,000 in a bag at Victoria Gardens. Carla watches from outside Costa Coffee in order to photograph the blackmailer when they collect it. Leanne avoids Tracy and tries to get out of going to the wedding. Tracy is annoyed that nobody is making the effort. Kirk, Tyrone and Daniel stake out the fire escape in Victoria Street in their search for the Manchester big cat. Mary distributes schedules for the wedding guests to follow. Hannah takes Jim, Liz and Eileen out for lunch at Speed Daal, where Jim sets off the fire alarm. Staff and patrons are evacuated to Victoria Gardens, where Hannah collects the blackmail money unseen. Carla only realises afterwards that she's been outsmarted. Ryan comes clean to the police about Cormac still being alive when he found him. He gets off with a caution for possession. Kevin warns Abi about her skiving when she keeps going off to do jobs for Tracy. Ronan approaches Michelle in the Street and asks about Ryan's arrest. Michelle plays it down. Liz and Jim spend their lunch reminiscing about the old days. Eileen thinks Liz is still in love with Jim and Liz doesn't deny the charge. Abi hears Steve on the phone to Leanne at No.11 and finds out about their fling. Jack has a lousy day at school as the other boys abandon him to play football. Carla looks through Kirk's phone after realising that he was filming the gardens during the evacuation. Daniel decides that a conventional wedding doesn't suit him and Sinead and looks into alternatives. Jim and Hannah open the bag and find a load of cut-up newspapers inside. Carla shows Kirk's mobile phone video to Johnny, revealing to him that Hannah is the blackmailer.


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